LED Door Projector Ultra-Bright Puddle Lights for Toyota Camry 2018-2019 Gen 8

  • Direct replacement. No modifications required. No wire cutting.
  • No error or warning on dashboard.
  • The brightest puddle lights available.
  • Custom circuitry to ensure a long life.
  • A higher-quality projection film for clarity and longevity.
  • Completely plug and play - just pop the existing puddle lights out and plug these in.
  • Voltage: 12V with 1800L.
  • Style C & D use glass films - compared with plastic films, glass films have the advantages of clear, non-deformable and bright color.

        Fit for: Toyota Camry GEN 7 GEN 8  

        How to replace car door light(Installation Instructions):

        1. Use A Flathead Screwdriver to Remove and Disconnect Original Door Step Lights;

        2. Plug in New Door Lights with Correspondent Connector;

        3. Put new Door Lights to The Spot Where Your Original Lights Were;

        4. Done! Logo Should Be Projected on The Ground.

        Tips: If the projector logo is backward after installation, please exchange the door lights because the door lights have a right and left.Then it will be more perfect and amazing.

        If you cannot confirm whether these lights are compatible with your car model or some installation problems, you can contact us at first.