Buick Floating Center Hub Cap

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Buick Floating Center Hub Caps

  • Magnetic levitation technology - the floating hub cap consists of the logo that no longer turns with the wheel but instead remains level while driving in speed under 80 MPH. 
  • Battery free - each one has its own kinetic generator built in.The LED will glow when speed in range from over 20MPH to 80MPH.
  • It also has option without LED.
  • Corrosion resistance, fully water-proof & dust-proof.
  • 1 set consists of 4 floating hub caps. 
    • Notice ! The floating caps are designed for standard Buick factory wheels. Not suitable for aftermarket wheels.
    • It has 2 sizes of the caps please measure your caps before ordering.
    • 2 Sizes : Diameter 54mm / 60mm.


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