2 Pcs Jaguar Smart LED Coaster


  • Smart Switch with vibration sensor and light sensor.

  • The light will turn on only when you driving at night.

  • RGB LED with colors selectable (Red, Orange, Yellow Pink, Green, Blue, Ice Blue, White).

  • Package come with 1 set which includes 2 coaster.
  • Diameter is 68mm (2.68 inch)  Thickness 10mm

  • Easy Maintain, one full charge can last 10-12 days

Installation Position: Cup groove

Note: There is protective film on the pad, please peel it off before you putting it into the cup groove.


  1. A light-sensitive chip is embedded into the product. It can sense the daylight so that the light can be turned on in the evening while automatically turned off during the day.
  2. The product contains a vibration-sensitive device. When the car is shut off and the driver leaves, the light will stay on for 20 seconds and then enter the standby mode.
  3. Both the startup and the light color changing are easily conducted by the switches at the bottom of the product.
The product is charging by a USB cable. The charging port is placed on the edge of the product. Its interface is Micro USB, the same as ordinary Android phones’ interface. The cable will be provided as the accessory.

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